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A4 Crochet + Knitting journal kit

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A4 digital download of my new Spring Crochet or Knitting journal.

The US letter version is here

The digital files contain a Quick print option to print your own Crochet or Knitting journal easily and without fuss. The detailed instructions tell you exactly what to do, how to print, how to fold and how to assemble. You can also watch this video on my YouTube channel:

Watch the video here

The direct video link is:
(cut and paste this into your browser window or YouTube search box)

I show you how to use the printable, how to assemble it and how the journal will look when its printed and put together.

There is also a bespoke journal option so that you can design and print your own journal by putting the pages in a different order, adding stash pages and the option to print more journal cards and pockets for your projects. Two additional covers are included in the instructions file - one for a Yarn Stash journal and one that is blank for your own title.

Overview of pages in the kit (you can see all the details in the video):
Cover for a crochet, knitting or stash journal plus a cover with a blank title box for your own journal name
Notes pages and project pages
Yarn stash pages
Pockets to cut out and add to project pages
Project cards to cut out and add to your project bag when working on a project
Wish list page and index

These Digi papers are in high resolution pdf format, ready for you to print. Several digital printable are compiled into each file. To print pages individually, just select the page you want from your print menu.

This journal is for you to print for your own personal use. It must not be printed and sold as a finished item.

You need a printer to use these pages and they can be printed on the paper of your choice. I recommend 100gsm copy paper for pages. For a cover, cardstock or matt photo paper work well.

I can't help you with technical issues relating to your printer set up as every printer and system is different. These files are pdf files and you will be able to click, open and print using free software on a Mac or Windows based system. If you run into difficulty, you can google for help, or ask someone you know who is tech savvy. Other digital sellers recommend asking a kid, which seems like good advice to me!


When you buy and download these files, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions below:

***Print them out and use them in your own personal journals, scrapbooks, planners, altered books. You may resize them when printing to fit your projects.

***Use these journal digital files downloaded from Crafternoon Treats store for personal use ONLY.


***Re-sell, sub-license, share, gift or otherwise distribute the digital files or resell them "as is" (whether digitally or physically).

***Reproduce these images, whether digitally or physical in print form and sell them as-is. So you cannot print them and sell them as paper packs, nor can you repackage them digitally and claim them as your own work.

***Print and assemble journals to sell or to gift without written permission.

***Use these images as-is OR altered in your own digital work for use on a website, in social media or as your own digital downloads.

Please note that the digital images and designs in my shop are sold with a personal licence to you for use as described above. All remain the copyright of Crafternoon Treats / Kathryn Senior
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (3MB)
  • PDF (19MB)
  • PDF (11MB)
  • PDF (13MB)