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EPUB eBook: Reno in Flames #3: October Fire

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Can’t get her out of his heart…

Firefighter Lucas “Oz” Osborne used to be a lot of things: shy, geeky, nerdy…but the one thing he’s always been is in love with his childhood friend Hannah. Even a stint in the Peace Corps and reconnecting with his Native American roots never fully extinguished the torch he’s carried for her. But nothing prepared him for the three-alarm-fire she sets off in his heart and body when she walks back into his life.

Walls around her heart…

Hannah Gilders saw what the pain of being abandoned did to her mother. No man is ever going to hurt her that way. But when her new employer assigns her to produce a firefighter calendar to benefit the Lions Burn Care Unit, Hannah’s shocked to discover that one of the sexiest firefighters in Reno is her childhood friend, Lucas. He’d be perfect for the calendar, if only she can convince him she’s not the only one who’d love to get a closer look at his hot body.

Embers burst into flames…

As old sparks kindle into new flames, Hannah’s fears and insecurities threaten to finally put out the fire that’s been burning all these years in Lucas’s heart. When tragedy strikes, will their fragile relationship crumble into ashes, or ignite a love that burns brightly for a lifetime?
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