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10-Day Ecourse Online Dating

Let’s say that we met online and will now see each other in person. I go to the meeting place, you show up, but you’re not the person who I thought you’d be. That is the first mistake that women make in online dating.

1. Your picture doesn’t match reality. Don't catfish. It’s not worth it.

2. Your profile picture is all of your friends and we have to guess who’s who. Whenever there’s a girl who’s really hot and there’s a girl that’s 'ehh,' 99.9% of the time, the one who’s 'ehh' is the one who’s profile picture it is.

Guys won’t message you if they feel like it’s a bait and switch.

3. No full body picture. This is online dating. It’s not a place where I would think about tapping your personality.

4. No description. We don’t much care what you say in your profile, but we want to see you try.

5. When you just respond with ‘lol.’ A guy sends you a nice message and then you reply with lol. If you don’t like the guy, don’t respond to him.

6. You only have one type of photo. You’ve got to have different types of photos. Have photos of you with friends as well as photos doing various activities.

7. Going in it with fear. Girls say to guys that she’s afraid that he might kill her. That’s stereotyping guys that they’re all crazy people who want to killl a girl who goes out with them.

If you’re afraid of your date, don’t go. You’ll just be frustrating guys.

8. Flaking. If you’re not going to meet up with a guy, just tell him you’re not going to meet up.

9. You just want to make friends and have conversations. OkCupid, Tinder, etc. are not places to make friends. They're places for people to meet and maybe get into a relationship or fuck.

10. Proclaiming your intentions. You say you’re only in there to find a relationship. It’s not going to work because guys could lie to you.

Let’s talk about the things you should do.

1. Meet in an open place. Meet in a place that’s public so you can remove the fear.

2. Be ok with meeting people. You need to be ok to make this work.

3. Just because he copy and pasted a message doesn’t mean he’s a dick. It’s not worth it to send a specific message to every girl. Many of them won’t reply anyway.

4. Don’t get frustrated. If you’re in it for a relationship, but you keep getting dick picks, that’s just part of the game. What matters is you have fun.

5. Be prepared to play the numbers game. You may have to go through hundreds of guys. Good things don’t come easy.

6. Go on a cheap dates. Invite him for some pizza or a walk in the park. If it’s cheap, it’s short and there’s less commitment.

7. Have sexy pictures. You’ve got to have something for me to think about. Online dating is not about how awesome your personality is.

8. Dress sexy for your date and clean your hair.

9. Don’t talk about politics. If you do, you’ll have a rough time.

10. Show multiple sides of your personality. Don’t just show the angelic side of you. Embrace your inner slut. Your sexuality is your natural edge.

Bonus: If you like the guy, hold him with an arm bar when he walks with you. That will get him closer to you. It will break the ice when you’re on a date.

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