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Sayura 3.0

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 ✨🌙Sayura 3.0🌙✨

The Re-Release You All Harassed Me For...
Great FB Tracking (and Tested)

3.0 Specialties Include...
Toggle-able (and Dissolving) Sleeves, Harness, Top, Shorts, Skirt, Straps and More!
2 Hair Toggles (1 long, 1 ponytail)
White Cat/Hair Mode
Cloth Physics on the Sleeves
Comes with an Optimized version of the model!

Includes Dynamics on Boobs, Butt and all the normal expected thingies
All Clothing Toggles On and Off, NSFW, and has Toggle-able Cat Mode

Custom Textures, glitter masks as well as Tattoos

 Package ~ $25 USD
That Includes the optimized model!
You cannot use ANY of these assets without purchasing them from their respected owners.
You cannot use my HEAD in any sort of way outside of this model. This is my person head- I worked incredibly hard to replicate a head I loved in the past and was very back and forth on even releasing it on this model. Please respect that. Thank you.

NOTE: This package requires Poyomi (DO NOT USE POI 8) and the VRC SDK to be put in unity before you put this package in unity. This package is made for 2019 Unity.

Sura #001 (myself) - Harness, Sleeves, Top and Skirt
Sugs#9795 (ZinPia) ( - Head (Edited by Me)
Sadge#3333 ( - Long Hair
Onion#1515 ( - Leg Chain
Velvet#0888 ( - Leg Strap/Bag and Tail
Pandaabear#9873 ( - Body/Base (Heavily edited by me)
Ares~#3333 ( - Ponytail 
Noodledragon#8995 ( - Shorts and Stalking texture (laid over my own texture for tattoos)
Sezzy#0001 ( - bottom crossed part of the harness (just looked too cool not to use)
PIPOPIPOPI#1923 ( - Glove
Zeit#9150 ( - Boots
Deimos#6533 ( and Ressonae#6917 ( - Undies
Nyakoh#6969 ( - Cat Ears

You will get a UNITYPACKA (128MB) file

Sakuya 3.0


Sawyer 3.0 (Physbone + OPTI)


Sienna 3.0 (PhysBones)


Serenity 3.0 (Physbones + QUEST)

Sophia 3.0 (Physbones + Quest)

Sisters Package


Shiori 3.0 (PhysBones)


The Ultimate Package


Sarai 3.0


Sloane 3.0

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