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What is this course? - In this course I will teach you how to become an author and self publish your book worldwide. You will learn to overcome your initial fears, write your first book, edit it perfectly, format it for paperback and eBook formats, and upload on global sites like Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Smashwords, etc.

Why such a course? - Many people have dreams of becoming an author. But they will usually be hit by various fears as they think it requires some special brains or a master’s degree to become an author. Or they will be concerned about ridicule and criticism from their friends, relatives, and strangers. This course will show you how to overcome such fears and boldly write your first book.

What will you gain? - Becoming an author is one of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences as you can tell your story to the world, share your knowledge, position yourself as an expert, stand out from your colleagues, get speaking opportunities, earn royalties form book sales, keep your brain active, have a lifelong hobby, and so on.

What this course offers? - A set of 12 self-paced Video files to confidently start your publishing journey without any exams or deadlines.

Note - You can also earn $10 referral free for successful referrals that results in a sale - 🤑💰
You will get the following files:
  • MP4 (60MB)
  • MP4 (45MB)
  • MP4 (79MB)
  • MP4 (82MB)
  • MP4 (19MB)
  • MP4 (22MB)
  • MP4 (20MB)
  • MP4 (17MB)
  • MP4 (40MB)
  • MP4 (21MB)
  • MP4 (41MB)
  • MP4 (34MB)

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