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Beat Depression Once and for All

By Brenda Phillips

Beat Depression Once and for All (You can DO It!)

If you suffer regularly from depression, you know that it doesn’t go away without a fight. In fact, the only way to defeat it is with a continual, all-out attack on all fronts.

Let’s take a look at some of the causes of depression:

  • Isolation – cutting yourself off, shutting yourself in your room, or not communicating
  • Self-loathing – feelings of worthlessness
  • Uselessness – feelings of not being useful
  • Unhappiness – usually caused by introspection, or allowing someone to make you unhappy
  • Conflict – an unsettled disagreement with someone
  • Immobility – unable to move out of bed or out of a chair, etc.
  • Pain – constant pain that doesn’t let up
  • Alcohol – alcohol is a depressant
  • Death – when a loved one passes, we experience loss
  • Anti-depressants – chemicals tend to exaggerate depression once they wear off
  • Media – news, movies and some kinds of music can bring on depression

These are some of the triggers of depression. These are things to be wary of and, if possible to steer clear of. For example:

  1. Don't isolate yourself. Try not to stay alone for long periods of time.
  2. Don't compare yourself with others. Save yourself from a lot of grief and don't start comparing yourself with anyone else.
  3. Remind yourself of all of your talents. Write a list of them.
  4. Don't allow yourself to feel unhappy. Don't allow anyone to steal your happiness. Nobody should have that power over you.
  5. Avoid conflict. Agree to disagree is necessary.
  6. If you are stuck in bed or a wheel chair, try moving a little each day. Even if you strengthen your arms or toes, that's progress.
  7. If you are in constant pain, you need help. This is one battle you can't win on your own. Get help to find relief.
  8. Don't drink alone.
  9. Death is a natural process, but it wreaks havoc with the human brain. The best cure for loss is faith to believe you will see your loved one again.
  10. Avoid drugs. Strive to find a more natural cure for depression.

Some of us who are sensitive to the warning signals of depression can tell when the next bout is on its way. When that little black cloud starts to descend, that’s the time to jump up, change the channel, pull out all the stops and fight back! Don’t just sit there. Don’t be lulled into surrender!

You remember how long you were frozen in depression last time, right? Remember how down you got? Remember how long it took to get back up?

Don’t let it happen again. Don’t let depression get the better of you. Don’t allow it to become a habit.

You know what I mean: You go off by yourself to lick your wounds and remind yourself of all the terrible things that people did to you in the past. You remind yourself of why nobody loves you and why there’s no reason to keep trying. . .


Don’t go there. When you feel it coming on, pull out all the stops. Pull out your big guns. Stand up and fight! Do whatever it takes. Just don’t give in!

If you’re reading this, it must be because you would like some answers. But, these suggestions won’t help you unless you put them into action. Please, take this seriously. Then, something has to work!

Ideas to try:

  1. Sunlight! Let the sun shine in! Sunlight carries such a sweet, encouraging atmosphere. You can’t help being cheerful, especially if you hear the birds singing. Birds and sunlight, maybe a few flowers and trees and, poof! All of a sudden, you are inexplicably happy. And that, my friend, is as it should be!
  2. Jokes. Laugh at yourself. Try to make someone else laugh. Just hearing laughter can turn the tide.

     3. Humor. Funny movies are great to get you seeing the seamy side with a                  grin. Read the comics, too. I love “America’s Funniest Home Videos”, too.

  1. Music. Rather than leaving the TV on, choose instead some uplifting music.
  2. Get organized. Clean your house. Organize your private space. Put everything away off the counters in the kitchen. Have neat living conditions. It’s great to wake up to neat and clean quarters. It’s uplifting.
  3. Walk. Taking a walk may be the very last thing you want to do when you’re feeling blue. But, it may also be the fastest way to beat depression that I know of! Just don’t come home and pick up your depression where you left off! While you’re walking, feel the sun on your face (even if it’s winter) and smile at people you pass, even if they don’t return your smile. Most of them will.
  4. Call someone to say, "Hi." It's a good idea to have a friendly chat before depression gets a grip on you. But do not mention your feelings of depression. Simply tell them you called to ask how they are and that you were thinking about them. It’ll make their day. And yours.

Depression doesn’t have to get the better of you. Sure, you get invited. The invitations are always coming in:

“You are invited to a tea party with Mr. and Mrs. Deep Depression. Join us in a dark, black hole where you can enjoy feeling sorry for yourself and eat all you want of your own flesh. Let’s get down; really, really down and into ourselves. --Keeping you on the dark side; we remain,                                                                                   Sincerely yours,                                                                                                                                                       Deeper Deeper and Darker Depressions than Ever Incorporated.”

So, here’s a clue. Refuse the invitation.

You may not have realized it, but allowing yourself to become depressed and allowing yourself to get into that bummed out condition is actually selfish. Yes, it is.

Snap out of it and think about someone else. Be happy for the sake of your loved ones. Think of anyone else but you. Get out of yourself and forget about yourself for a while, the best way you know how. Let the Depression Bus pass and don’t get on the next one!



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