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NO/NSENSE : Views from the Borderland (Illustrated Edition) - edited by Edouard d'ARAILLE

A collection of poetry exploring the Borderland between the realm of waking senses and the sphere of dreams - a frontier between Reality and the Beyond. It is an anthology of poems that make sense with poems that do not make sense and those that are strictly "no nonsense". This is the Illustrated Edition including cartoon 'nonsense' images from start to finish.

"Where did I leave my soul? - was it left in a jar? where did I forget my body? - am I still in the car? I follow the stars in their paths but I soon lose the tracks and end up in a bar. - Time it rides on the back of a sword held aloft by a templar knight."  Edouard d'Araille

The Original Preface to this Work:


"Nowhere is out there where anywhere ends
Nonsense is not what it seems - some know it not"

Between our Eyelids and the World, between the Land of Waking Sense and the Sphere of Dreams, - what is found out there on the Borderlands of Space?
Where does Somewhere end and Nowhere begin, how can we travel beyond the bounds of Sense and experience the Super-Reality of the Cosmos Existent?
When do the extremities of the body's sense organs no longer transmit to us the reality Outside and In? Where does sense leave off : non-sense commence?
The Answers are no less known to me now than when I began - I do not know and the Unknown can necessarily not be said, only the boundaries thereof.
Is the nomad's land but a desert of unknowing or does it have more to teach than we are ready to learn quite yet? What can we do but look from afar?
Gazing through the eye of a lens - do you keep your feet rooted on the Earth or fly on the wings of an ostrich high above? Do you know what no/nsense is?
I have heard the words from beyond the Dream but I cannot understand what they mean: do you come from this country have you learnt its native tongue?
Many Contributors - One Theme - Not all it Seems...
no/nsense - views from the borderland

Extract 1:
hello Mr. Neutron Bomb

hello Mr. Neutron Bomb!
you kept me waiting long

hello Mr. Neutron Bomb!
you said you'd be along

did it have a reason
tell me
was it all for fun?

hello Mr. Neutron Bomb,
thank God you came along!   [lc]

Extract 2:
nuance. expression

An argument for existence?
No, no, no - there should be
no need to justify that.
There will never be a need
to justify existence,
not a rational de-mystifying
'reasonable' solution.
Not in my mind, while I breathe
the same air as the others
- air we should freely share.
I have to breathe your pollution: putrefied 'solution'.
"No need for drawings anymore
- an image will suffice"
- that picture did say a thousand words.
Words proclaiming the death
of a language
that had been misunderstood.
It was the arrogant appropriation
of a weak mind.   [gmh]

Extract 3:
the flying atheist

we still fly in the dark
believing that a runway
will light up below us

to comfort each other
we say that after
millennia of struggle
there must be something behind it all

ignoring the cast iron fact that
we continue to crash too soon
into mountains or
smash up spray in the sea

to fly blind flees the thought
that at our journey’s end
we are mostly superfluous   [jc]

Extract 4:
dog hotel

I left You at the Dog Hotel and
I said - I won’t be long
three weeks passed
when I came back
- they tell me
She is Gone!
You were
my Beloved
my Chihuahua
Dachsund Labrador
You were my Afghan Buddha
You were my Holy Dog after all!   [eda]

Extract 5:
the way it is

why is
the Orb on the Throne?

is it moving
or has it always been there?

or am I moving
or was I always there?

let it be
my humblest suggestion
that it just is where it is

it doesn’t matter how
it got there

and I guess to me
that’s just the way it is   [jt]

If this collection of poems does not leave you bamboozled and befuddled and confused and dizzy with the meaning and meaninglessness of words - then it will not have accomplished its purpose! This is a time to let go of all sense and embrace the absurdity of life!

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