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GCSE Maths Revision Cards Grade B to A


GCSE maths revision cards aimed at grade B to A. These cards each have a question and fully explained answer. There are over 50 cards in this this pack.   Check out the Grade C pack for additional topics or buy our dual pack of Grade C and Grade B to A cards and take advantage of a discounted price.




Grade B to A pack topics                                


Grade B to A

Angle Bisector

Arc Length

Area of a Sector

Box Plot from a Cumulative Frequency Graph

Box Plot from Discrete Data

Calculations with Bounds

Circle Theorems 1

Circle Theorems 2

Circle Theorems 3

Circle Theorems 4

Comparing Box Plots

Compound Interest

Construct Triangles with Compasses

Constructing Perpendicular Lines

Convert a Recurring Decimal to a Fraction

Converting Numbers to Standard Form

Converting Square and Cube Units

Converting Standard Form to Numbers

Cumulative Frequency Graph

Cumulative Frequency Graph - Solving Problems


Direct Proportion

Draw a 30 Degree Angle

Enlargement by a Fractional Scale Factor

Enlargement by a Negative Scale Factor

Enlargement Finding Side Lengths

Equation of a Straight Line

Equation of a Straight Line Parallel Lines

Equidistant From a Point and a Line

Expanding Double Brackets

Factorising Double Brackets

Graphing Inequalities

Indices Fraction and Negative

Indirect Proportion

Inverse Percentages

Loci Problem

Loci Shading Regions

Make x the Subject of an Equation

Matching Graphs

Median and Inter Quartile Range from a Cumulative Frequency Graph

Mid Point of a Line

Probability - Tree Diagrams

Quadratic Formula

Simultaneous Equations 1

Simultaneous Equations 2

Simultaneous Equations 3

Solving Quadratics by Factorisation

Standard Form Addition and Subtraction

Standard Form Multiplication and Division

Stratified Sample

Travel Graphs

Trigonometry Finding a Side Length

Trigonometry Finding an Angle

Volume and Surface Area of a Cylinder


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