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Minor Key: Wynter Wild Book 8

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“unique and heart wrenching in the best way… the characters are beautiful and raw.” - Goodreads reviewer

A bittersweet tune…

Three years ago, Xay left Wynter to face the nightmare alone. She’s been searching for him ever since—and now he’s found her first.

Can he pick up the pieces of a past she’s trying to forget?

As Wynter and her brothers prepare to head off on tour with their band Rule212, tragedy strikes this already wounded family.

Where will they find healing?

CONTENT WARNINGS: The series includes or refers to: child abuse, drug use, animal cruelty, not-very-graphic sex and violence, mental health issues, adult relationships, and strong opinions about touchy subjects. If anything offends you, it's probably Jesse's fault. Wynter does not have sexual abuse/assault in her past or her future.

What readers are saying:

“Love this family so much!”

“I am devouring the Wynter Wild Series and loving it!”
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