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"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with."

This book will surround you with writers who will help you write and release your first book, or your next one.


The Indie Author is a collection of raw, honest interviews with writers who have self-published their books, from fiction to non-fiction, poetry to memoir.

Carefully documented over the course of two years, these long-form interviews share the writing journeys, creative processes, marketing and lots more.

There are plenty of ‘how to’ books out there when it comes to writing and publishing, but The Indie Author puts you inside the hearts and minds of regular folks who have stepped into their identity as writers and done something quite extraordinary… put a book out in the world.

Whether you are yet to write a book, or you have published before, The Indie Author is woven with inspiration, nourishment and wisdom that will help you move forward on your writing journey.

Thousands of writers across the world have now gone their own way, written with freedom, and published without permission. Discover how to write and publish your very own book, and the unexpected joys of the self-publishing process.

Writing a book will change your life. The Indie Author will show you how.

✂️ Snippets from the book:

“Learning indie publishing grew me up in a lot of ways, including in areas I’d been avoiding owning as my true self. The control, the pursuit of my own vision, the responsibility of having to make so many decisions and making them—it all made me a better, more self-loving, more empowered, more generous, and happier person.” - Alice Archer

“Undoubtedly, that agent’s rejection letter pushed me to become a better writer. But once I’d written and polished it for publication, I couldn’t stand the idea of losing years querying again. I needed to get my book out there. So I self-published and never looked back.” - Cynthia L. Schneider

“I realize that I’m essentially doing the same thing now that I did then; I’m writing about people who have histories of abuse and trauma finding and learning to love themselves.” - Katherine Turner

“I never expected to be a writer until I started hearing the voice of Addie Mae Aubrey, the Southern, African-American narrator of my novel. She was very insistent that I tell her story, so I began to write her words that I heard in my head.” - Lynnda Pollio

“Writing fills me with joy. It lets me feel creative and challenges me every day. Not long ago, I had to give up my profession because of medical reasons and I never thought I’d find that kind of passion in my work again. Writing has brought that spark back into my work life.” - M.C. Sheridan

“Find a writing group. Find a group of people you click with and you like interacting with. They can be in the physical world or just online. And then just talk with them. A lot. Share the journey together.” - Mike Ripplinger

“I am a slow writer. It took me around four years to complete it, from draft to editing (and more editing, and more editing) to shopping it around, to more editing, and finally choosing to self-publish.” - Patricia Correll


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