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Midnight's Cunt Was The Tightest Pussy I've Ever Had!

With the wife out of town on business, I got a little…frisky. Midnight was a gorgeous, jet-black, Maine Coon who had wormed her way in my heart.

I swear, that slutty cat seduced me and MADE me fuck her tight cunt.!

At least that’s what I’d tell my wife if she were to ever find out.


I'll admit it. When my wife proposed getting a cat, I was completely against it. All that hair and pet dander. Plus the little fucks could be so insolent. Who needed that?

But when she brought home Midnight - a large, fluffy, Maine Coon, from the shelter, I was hooked. I tried to avoid the little (or big in her case) fluffball, but she was nothing if not insistent.

Midnight knew I wasn't a cat person. She made it her one mission in life to change that. Every opportunity she got, she was around me. Sitting on my lap, following me around, even laying on my chest when I slept. From day one, she was my constant companion.

And as much as I was against cats - in general - Midnight was very quickly worming her way into my heart.

One day when my wife was out of town on business, however, our relationship took on a whole new twist.

I'd been walking around with blue balls for a couple days. Getting nooky as a married man was difficult when wifey wasn't around. It was either talk to the hand or find another way.

Midnight watched me curiously and stayed extra close during this time. I was trying not to resort to manual stimulation and my balls were getting heavy and my cock was throbbing.

"Meow?" Midnight jumped up on my lap one morning while I was reading my paper.

I absently stroked her soft, silky fur, but not paying much attention to her. She began her usual purring and grooming and I thought nothing more of it.

Until I felt a gentle, but insistent, pawing at the lump in my trousers.

"Hey now, watch it!" I scolded her and moved her paw away. But - being a cat - she had a mind of her own and couldn't care less what I thought. She moved her paw back and began kneading my cock. It was very gentle and stimulating. I was going to move her paw away again, but I was actually starting to enjoy it.

Don't ask me why I did it, but since my wife was gone I was feeling very frisky. I pulled out my cock to let the cat have a better angle. There was no question that I was taking a huge chance. If she scratched or bit it, I would be in a world of hurt.

But she didn't.

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