Scenarios - How to create them and Why you should

by Ulrich Goluke

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Scenarios provide orientation in an increasingly uncertain world. They are one of the few tools I know of that successfully attempt the impossible, namely to bridge the gap between the choices we make today with the consequences we face tomorrow. They help us make better decisions today for an uncertain future tomorrow.

Scenarios are a tool for ordinary people to help them think the unthinkable, question the obvious and challenge the official future. They are a tool of freedom and empowerment in all walks of life, private, social, corporate and societal.

The books walks you through the steps of how to create and apply scenarios. It adds numerous tips about how to run a scenarios project, how to put a team together, how to deal with difficult people in the project, etc., etc., learned from over twenty years of experience.

For even more information, have a look at the table of contents and the two sample chapters on my website - and, of course, buy the book.

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