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THIS PRETTY baaaaadhhh BITCH was a collab between me and  bun. we put our dumb little heads together and i designed lust lamb, and she created each asset. special thanks to BlurryVision#3636 for doing the unity work <3 


 ⛧ make a ticket in my server  to buy the quest + PC version for 40$ - dm with intent to buy.   ⛧

▹This avatar uses Unity 2019 so please upload it in that version!

▹Import everything needed into a fresh project first and then the avatar package.

▹Failure to provide valid information when purchasing will result in the license for this avatar to be null and void.

 ⛧ includes ⛧


▹NSFW Toggle

▹Fullbody Ready

▹Dynamic bones in all the places expected. 

▹Custom Gestures - lewd , sad , happy ,  wink , (tongue)

▹DPS (included, but you need to buy and input your own package.)

Does NOT come with SDK3, Dynamic Bones, PoiyomiPro v7.3.029, or DPS please provide your own

⛧ rules ⛧

▹Do NOT redistribute this package

▹No reselling, sharing with friends, trading, or leaking

▹You are not allowed to upload with avatar to your account as public

▹Do NOT buy this avatar for the purpose of taking assets from it

▹Please do not put non hand-drawn textures on this avatar

- please do not over edit my avatars, taking assets off, and putting new ones on is over editing. really shouldnt have to say this, but if i cant tell its my avatar anymore its voer edited.

⛧ credits ⛧

body base (edited by me not for reuse)

body texture 

head (edited by bunisu not for reuse)

shoes (edited by me)

hair (edited by bunisu not for reuse)

hair tails (custom)

ripped shorts (custom)

ripped thighighs (custom)

mask (custom)

furry bikini (custom) (edited by me not for reuse)

leg chain (custom) (edited by me not for reuse)

furry leg warmers (custom)

lamb tail 

hair textures 

lamb ears (custom) (edited by me not for reuse)

puppy ears

sweater (edited by bunisu not for reuse)

nails (custom) (edited by me not for reuse)

custom spring joint by BlurryVision#3636

piercings, bracelets, branding chain, hair raccoon textures, ear texture all made by me

You will get a UNITYPACKA (280MB) file

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Verified Buyer

1 month ago

Barbecue sauce on mah tiddiez

LOVE THE AVI, Aesthetic, design, da sexyy. Mwah! Wouldn't change anything on it


1 month ago

Barbecue sauce on mah tiddiez

LOVED THE AVI SO MUCH CKSJDJS NOW she is my main avi out, aesthetic, design, m w ah everything is perfect


1 month ago

hottest bish

you know how you like go out and just happen to see a random bish in public and go "i wanna be her"... thats lust lamb. will never not look hot, even bald! always hot, period!


1 month ago


this avatar is so hot my pussy exploded, came back together and exploded again. Frfr no cap buy now or else itll explode harder


3 months ago

love her!

i never thought i would purchase an avatar but this oneeeeee oh my i fell in love with lust lamb love everything about her

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