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Free Use Incest 4: Barebacking My Sister On The Side Of The Road

Sis was broke down in the middle of nowhere. Wearing a pair of hot pants, flimsy vest top and heels, she looked fit to kill.

She needed help with repairs.

I’d give her help, all right. The kind of help that leads to getting knocked up.


My cock hardened to stone as the sexy waitress came over with my bill. I settled it quickly, knowing if I spent another minute in the cafe then I’d be tipping her with far more than the three dollars I just threw down on the table. Not that screwing her tight pink pussy in front of the other diners would have been an issue, but I had a far more pressing engagement to take care of.

With the power of Free Use, all thanks to a miracle potion I bought from the dark web, I could have any girl I wanted. I’d already worked my way through most of the beautiful women in town, but there was just one lucky girl on the menu today; my young, nubile, eighteen-year old sister…

Ruth had just come of age, and that meant that she was finally ripe for the taking. Blonde and slim, her tiny body was as hot as fuck. She had long, slender legs that traveled all the way up to a squeezable ass made for spanking, and the biggest tits I had ever seen in my entire life! Her fleshy breasts made her otherwise skinny body look like a cartoon version of what a smoking-hot woman should be.

I wanted to take her sweet cunt as soon as she turned eighteen — beat the other guys to it so that she would be as pure as possible when we fucked — but I had some errands to run in town first. However, with breakfast in my belly, and the consumption of two Free Use pills in my regular cup of morning coffee, I was keen to rush back home so I could deflower my rose of a sister.


“Come again,” the sexy brunette waitress said, smiling at me as I pushed from my chair.

I flashed her a knowing grin as I checked out her tight body in the short dress and apron she was wearing. “Don’t worry, honey, I will.”

With that said, I snatched up my car keys from the side of the table and walked out of the cafe with a stride in my step.

It was a glorious summer day. With the open road drenched in bands of gold and orange, and the day only just beginning, I knew I was in for a real treat when I got home. Ruth’s pussy was now ready and prime for my huge throbbing cock. Her virgin cunt was easily the hottest property in town, and for me — her older, deranged brother — the most forbidden. That’s what made the idea of what was on the horizon all the more mouth-watering. With our parents out all day I could take my time as I enjoyed each one of her precious unclaimed holes!

Driving off the cafe forecourt, I sped down the long stretch of road toward our house. My cock was aching for action, and I was so driven with lust that I paid no attention to the speed limit. Ruth was worth a traffic ticket. However, luck would soon have it that our paths crossed much sooner than I had expected.

Squinting, I could see the sexy silhouette of a woman up ahead. The girl, who was dressed in hot pants and some flimsy vest top, was hunched over the open trunk of a car at the side of the road.

Her long tanned legs looked sleek and smooth, traveling all the way up to a peach of an ass. I knew those legs very well. It was my sister, Ruth, in her battered old Chevy.

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