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This Journalism training course is military based but all of the training and techniques can be applied to all areas of Journalism in the public and private sector. Anyone with an interest in Journalism will find this training course to be a useful reference guide for studying this subject.


Training Manual 1 - Journalism Basic (353 Pages)

Chapter 1 - The Journalist
Chapter 2 - Basic Newswriting
Chapter 3 - Writing the Feature, Speech, Sports and Accident Stories
Chapter 4 - Writing for Magazines
Chapter 5 - Advance Stories, Follow-Ups and Rewrites
Chapter 6 - Copy Editing
Chapter 7 - Gathering and Disseminating News
Chapter 8 - Publications
Chapter 9 - Writing Headlines and Cutline's
Chapter 10 - Legal Concerns
Chapter 11 - Basic Photography
Chapter 12 - Basic Photojournalism
Chapter 13 - Broadcast Writing and Radio Operations
Chapter 14 - Television
Chapter 15 - Radio and Television Interviewing
Chapter 16 - Public Affairs Operations
Chapter 17 - Fleet Home Town News
Appendix I - Glossary
Appendix II - References

Training Manual 2 - Journalism Advanced (323 Pages)

Chapter 1 - Public Affairs Office Management
Chapter 2 - Public Affairs In Adverse News Situations
Chapter 3 - The Command Information Bureau
Chapter 4 - Media Relations
Chapter 5 - Community Relations and Special Events
Chapter 6 - Speeches
Chapter 7 - Newspaper Staff Supervision
Chapter 8 - Broadcast Management
Chapter 9 - Audience Surveys
Appendix I - Sample Format for a Public Affairs Plan
Appendix II - Sample Public Affairs Annex
Appendix III - CIB Plan (Special Event)
Appendix IV - Adverse Incident Plan
Appendix V - Ship Commissioning Plan
Appendix VI - Decommissioning Plan
Appendix VII - Special Events Checklist
Appendix VIII - References Used


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