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Punish Raping My Three Daughters

"No, daddy! This is wrong!" Brittany wrested herself from my grasp and raced to the door herself.

The whip got her in the back and she screamed, fell to the ground and began sobbing.

That's when I pulled out the handcuffs. I had two pair and quickly deployed them on Amy and Brittany. I searched around and found some leftover rope and tied up my youngest with it.

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"What do you mean you threw the game because you felt sorry for them?" I bellowed at my three very hot, sexual college volleyball stars. They were all on the same team and were one game away from going undefeated - something their team had never done before.

Amy cast her eyes down. "We thought we were doing the right thing, daddy..."

Amy was the youngest at just 18. She had long, black hair, deep green eyes and wide, mature hips. She was both a looker and a sex-pot. She was probably also a virgin.

"Yeah, it's just one game. We're still in the playoffs." Brittany piped up. She was the oldest of the Brat Pack as I called them. At 19, she was tall and very muscular. Red-haired, large breasts and legs that went on FOREVER. She had it all.

"Is this what you thought, too?" I turned to Jessica. She was the middle girl. Still 18, but nearly 19. She was the shy one of the group, always following along with her sisters. Her tits were small, but she had a perfect hour-glass body that made my cock ache just looking at it.

"I guess..." She half-heartedly agreed with her sisters, pushing a lock of curly, golden hair from her eyes.

"You guess?" I bellowed, terrifying my daughters nearly to death. "If anyone ever found out, they'd yank your scholarships so fast your heads would spin. You'd be branded forever as cheaters. Look at Pete Rose!" My hands shook as I thought about the trouble they could get in if any of this ever got out.

"Gosh, we're sorry, daddy..." Amy sniffled. "We didn't think --"

"That's the problem. You bitches NEVER think!"

"Daddy! You don't need to yell. We can hear you just fine." The little mouse, Jessica, squeaked.

"Listen here, you little cheatin' bitches," I grabbed her ear and marched her down to the basement. "Apparently, I've been too soft and let you get away with too much crap. This is some serious shit you've done. Now it's time to teach you girls a lesson."

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