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Being a True Being

By William Leam

You are a natural being as you are a part of the nature. Who can deny that?

Every element of the nature is inside of you. In fact we exchange carbon dioxide and oxygen with trees through natural processes like breathing and photosynthesis.

Being a True Being invites you, the nature being to be in touch with your true nature. You are a wonder because the nature, the universe itself is a wonder.

We have been searching for a better life. I profess that everyone wants to be happy. But our idea of happiness and better life are relied upon getting what we want or things that we believe would enliven us.

Unfortunately nature does not seem to work the way we wish it does. So the WAY is to work with nature. How? In this book, you shall discover the new insights of living a life that allow you to be truly free and gain new power that has always been there for you.

It is the freedom that you have been searching for and it is available to anyone who would open up their minds. You cannot change anything that you are not happy about unless you gain new and proper insights into the issues that bothers you.

Do you have problems like troubled relationships, financial constraints, stressful life and unfulfilled dreams?

As a spiritual coach, I seek to enlighten all nature beings towards understanding their true nature and being. It is a personal discovery as you go through the book and may you gain new insights about the truth of you and your wonderful life. It has to be wonderful in spite of all the challenges. Otherwise it is owing to your own limited mindset.


Hopefully thereon you will see all your problems in a new light and live a life of love, understanding, happiness and peace.

Though this is not a cure-all book; after all problems are always there, but the new light that shines from your newly discovered freedom and wisdom will guide you towards a better living and YOU.

You may download the Kindle for PC (free) to read the ebook. Any apps that support Kindle will work.

Thank you for your support and I wish that your life will be better than before.

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