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We, won. Not, the (woman) on the picture (Haifa Wehbe). Is she still, alive? Is, she? After 6 years of war? Is, she still on earth?

Tomorrow, one country goes down if this document is taken away, with threath against the web site> PAYHIP, by all presidents on earth.

Have you not heard of: FN, UN LAWS AND FREEDOM OF SPEACH?

Tomorrow, humanity is free, finally from slavery. The kings and Queens of the planet. And all governments gone.

Date today: 21 february, 2020
time: 11: 25

Iran is free. Here comes the biggest secret document/rapport of what the presidents of mother earth did, the last 6 years. From year 2014-2020.

They killed more than 1 billion people of mother earth, through something they call: Death soccer connection game, connecting people on earth. Through deaths, by using Facebook and 4 billion devils.

You decide what happens, the next 4 days. We, say: we are done. We owe the planet now, with the rapport and all banks. There is no use, in saving the panet. So, all get to the atombombs and bomb the whole planet.

In the rapport, you have Paul Walker, Tupac Shakur, Tito Vilano, Cryuff, Anna Lindh, Arafat, Nelson Mandela, Kobe Bryant and the rest, speaking to their people. Be kind and respect their dignity, honor and names. Send it further to all on earth.

Time is running out. They want their family to hear, their last words. Because, they are alive again, through GOD. And back on mother earth. To crush the whole planet apart, with Jesus Christ and his Archangels.

We thank you. For copying and printing out: The new president of the world: Sahar Rezaies rapport, of what crime was commited against her. One single woman. By 4 billion devils. With your social media KING: Mark Zuckerberg. We hope that you had fun on Facebook, the last 6 years.


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