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Brain for Rent (Hardly Used)

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The Galaxy needs its greatest hero. Unfortunately, it has Ignatz Bauer

Ignatz Bauer is a conman and a thief. He also has a stolen ship's AI living in his brain, and the intelligence likes it there; he can't get rid of it.

But a bigger problem for him is that the original owner of the AI has placed a hefty bounty on his head—just his head, which Ignatz is keen to keep attached to his shoulders.

Amanda Frey is a novice bounty hunter with something to prove. When she learns of the enormous reward for Ignatz’s capture, he becomes the means to save her failing career.

But everything changes for them both when a malevolent entity seeks to eliminate anyone who might learn the secret the AI keeps—one that threatens every living thing in the galaxy.

The Galactic Misadventures of Ignatz Bauer: Brain for Rent (Hardly Used) is a sci-fi comedy that will keep you turning every page to learn if fate has made a fatal mistake by relying on this unlikely hero.
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Richard Sharp

Verified Buyer

7 months ago

Great read.

My kind of hero, everything goes wrong. But he comes out smelling like a rose!! All too real! Someone I can identify with.


Verified Buyer

7 months ago



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