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Growing up, Megan O’Brien believes she can become anything she wants to be, do any job she sets her sights on, and she has never been anything but focussed on her future career as a Gaming Developer.

She falls for handsome Donovan when he transfers in from another school, and then her high aspirations disappear before her eyes when she must consider a decision she never imagined she would ever have to make: an abortion.

At St. Mary's Home for Unwed Mothers, she meets Marcus and even though cute boys should be the very last thing on her mind, he makes her feel as if she is not such a huge outcast as she thinks she is.

Megan needs to find the strength to triumph over adversity and to make her dreams come true, despite life throwing her a curve-ball in the form of David.


  • Page count: 248
  • Trim Size: Pocket Book (4.25" x 6.875" / 108 x 175 mm)
  • Binding type: Perfect Bound
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