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The Copywriting Formula to Persuade People to do what you want

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How do you get people to do what you want them to do?

Maybe, you want your readers to buy your products, subscribe to your newsletter or to take a certain action. 

As a copywriter, whether you are writing for your own sales pages or for your clients, how do you write sales posts that sell? 

As an internet marketing coach, one of the hot topics that my students want to learn is copywriting. But copywriting is not a skillset that one can master overnight.

I have finally figure out a shortcut which I had learned from my copywriting guru. The shortcut is to use a simple template. 

The formula is to give your readers reasons to buy and to demolish their objections so that they will do what you want to them to do. They will not have any more excuses not to buy.

The structure of your sales post is to answer 4 questions in the mind of your readers. This is the easiest to remember framework. This is easy enough for any anyone who does not have any experience with copywriting. 

You can use this structure in ever day persuasion when you ask someone to do something. It can be applied in copywriting, whether you are writing a long sales letter or a short social media promotional posts.

I guarantee you that by the end of my training program, you will remember the formula forever, because it is that simple.  It is an 8-word formula. It is a very powerful formula. 

This is for you even if you are a complete newbie to copywriting. 

I have never taught this formula publicly before in my 11 years as an online marketer. Now for the first time, I am opening this secret to my coaching students. If you sign up for this training session, you must agree not to reveal this formula openly. 

Duration: 2 hours. 
Venue: Simei or Bugis
Date: you pick the date and time. 
Investment: $100. 
Bonus: Bring along one friend for free. 

You can pay via Paynow or Paylah to tel 977 176 14, by cash or Paypal via the 'Buy' buttton.

You will get a PDF (402KB) file

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