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The Sheikh's Revenge by Seduction

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A sheikh intent on revenge, an Englishwoman caught in a trap, a love that cannot be denied…

Sheikh Rayan ibn Mohammed Aziz is as uncompromising as the desert in which he was raised. So when his half-sister is seduced, dumped, and ruined by a middle-aged English aristocrat, there is only one way in which Rayan intends to exact revenge.

The only child of a notorious womanizer, Lauren Alexandra Le Harivel is the apple of her father’s eye. While he roams the world seeking pleasure, she's left by herself to run the family estate and dream of a different life. But when a darkly handsome stranger starts work on the family estate and makes her feel beautiful and desired, she agrees to return with him to his desert homeland.

But what began as a means to vent Rayan's anger and avenge his sister's death turns into something very different under the heat of the desert sun and their love affair, which proves even hotter...

--Secrets of the Sheikhs--

The Sheikh's Revenge by Seduction
The Sheikh's Secret Love Child
The Sheikh's Marriage Trap

--The Sheikhs of Havilah--

The Sheikh’s Secret Baby
Bought by the Sheikh
The Sheikh’s Forbidden Lover
Surrender to the Sheikh
Taken for the Sheikh's Harem

--Desert Kings--

Wanted: A Wife for the Sheikh
The Sheikh's Bargain Bride
The Sheikh's Lost Lover
Awakened by the Sheikh
Claimed by the Sheikh
Wanted: A Baby by the Sheikh
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The Sheikh's Marriage Trap


Secrets of the Sheikhs Boxed Set (Books 1-3)


The Sheikh's Secret Love Child