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Thyri's Theories

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IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to fully understand this short collection of poetry, reading the Real Love From A Real One Series is strongly recommended. 

Real Love From A Real One Series:

To All Who Fuck With Me,

Pouring my heart out on a piece of paper has always saved me. Saved me in ways I never thought I needed. Saved me from others and most importantly saved me from my inner demons. I’ve put my pen to paper more times than I can count on my fingers and I can’t tell you the amount of times my pen has saved me from doing some stupid shit. Today I invite you to delve into my creative (sometimes crazy) mind. Today I share with you a piece of my soul, a piece of my heart and a piece of my world. I really hope you enjoy the ride.

Yours faithfully,
Thyri Wright-Miller

This is an exclusive poetry collection By Thyri Wright-Miller called Thyri's Theories. 

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Jennifer Copeland

Verified Buyer

3 months ago


I enjoyed this poetry collection so much! I especially love the prayer that was written. The whole collection just touched my heart in a huge way. I will definitely be reading it again. Amazing!!


3 months ago

Simple wow!!!

What a beautiful work of art. Thyri’s Theories really spoke to my heart and something I needed. I’m not going to give anything away in the review but simple just download it and read it. Miss Jen. You have done it again girl 💗

Nandi M.

Verified Buyer

3 months ago

Spoke to my Heart

Viewing a different work from one of my faves was dope. So many of the pieces resonated with me, especially the ups and downs of relationships. I have two clear favorites Convictions and You are…whew! Looking forward to more like this.


Verified Buyer

3 months ago

Simply Amazing

The way the poetry in the book makes you feel. “You Make Me Smile” is like starting back dating when you’ve survived a toxic relationship. “Cliche Reality” is like the newness of the relationship where you talk on the phone all hours of the night. I can go on and on about the short poems but see for yourself.