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52 Violin Proficiency Exercises E-COURSE

“52 Violin Proficiency Exercises” IS the program that WILL challenge you not only with weekly exercises, but techniques that will radically transform your violin journey propelling you from that dreaded violin journey plateau.
Yes! You will have helpful exercises, training videos and further educational study if desired AND you will have so much more!

52 Violin Proficiency Exercises E-Book is one of a kind (included in the E-Course.) First the exercises are designed for the fastest progress possible on a specific technique based on the dedication and practice methods of the violinist studying the exercise. These exercises throughout the book are in chronological order of progressing difficulty. The first exercise in the book stresses note reading for all violinists struggling with reading music; however, advanced violinists don’t despair, there are PLENTY of exercises designed for you as well.

Every exercise also has a corresponding mini violin lesson training video walking you through exactly how to practice the exercise. This is included in the E-COURSE ONLY.

The book consists of 140 pages. Every exercise has a corresponding study sheet with guided questions to help you to know if you practiced correctly and what needs to be mastered before moving on to the next exercise. This study sheet has been made as a clickable/fillable interactive PDF allowing you to record your answers directly into the digital file without the need of printing if you so desire.

There are 52 exercises which can be practiced for one week out of the year making this a one year exercise program. Some exercises you will find to stay with you for your entire violin journey as excellent warm up exercises.

Do not feel it is necessary to finish each exercise in a week. This is a self paced study program allowing you to progress at your own speed.  If you wish to do two exercises in one week, you may finish the course in 6 months.

In the 52 Violin Proficiency Exercises E-Course, every exercise has a mini violin lesson video to show you exactly step by step how to practice the exercise and what to look for while practicing. These videos are extremely helpful, inspirational and motivational for your violin journey.

Not only do you get a mini violin lesson video for each exercise in the book, you also have access to further education links to other books you may find helpful on the topic and supplemental training videos when applicable.

The exercises and their corresponding videos are grouped four to a web page.  The E-Course is designed to focus for one week on each specific exercise allowing a month for each web page.

The E-Course also includes access to a featured violinist and composer youtube playlist for your listening and educational pleasure.

Finally, as a student of the 52 Violin Proficiency Exercise E-Course you also gain access to the VIOLIN EXERCISES facebook study group.  This study group is exclusively for students of the 52 Violin Proficiency Exercise E-Course. Your built in support group.

1. After enrolling into the program, you will set up your username and password. I recommend you save them in a safe place.

2. Once your registration has been approved, you will be allowed into the 52 Violin Proficiency Website.

3. When logged in please watch the welcome video on the home page.

4. To access the E-Book, go to the Library (found in the navigation menu) and download directly to your computer the 52 Violin Proficiency Exercises E-Book. If you wish to print you may do so as well. If you do print up the book, I would recommend inserting the pages into page protectors into a binder or punching holes into the exercises and inserting into a 3 ring (or 2 ring for the Europeans) binder.


6. When working with the video program, have your corresponding exercise printed up or visual on the computer so you can see exactly what is taught in the video with the corresponding exercise.

7. Incorporate the exercise into your practice session for at least 1 week. If you find you need more time that is totally OK too! It depends on your level of perfection desired.

8. After every exercise in the ebook you have guided study questions, tips and challenges. Read these on the first day to keep in mind while you practice the exercise throughout the week. Check in daily with the questions and I would suggest checking in midweek with the video to make sure you are staying on target with the focus of that specific exercise.

The guided questions in the E-Book also help you to know whether or not you are ready to move on to the next exercise.

PLUS… you always have the support of the study group to get feedback and yes I, Heather your instructor, do pop in there from time to time to help you out so you are not stranded in the netherlands of violin technique.


You will get a PDF (90KB) file

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