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“So powerful for me... the resolution was so elegant. You know what? This has been FABULOUS!” ~Nancy Goldring, Co-host of the Frank Love Radio Show

Critical Stimulus is a proven method for uncovering unconscious terrors, repressed emotions, self-denial, hidden agendas and much more.

With Critical Stimulus you can quickly discover...

• If your date is a psychopath or aggressive

Dark secrets that prevent intimacy and trust

Inner conflicts and psychic pain

Destructive beliefs that prevent happiness and success

Critical Stimulus is easy to learn. Reveal unconscious secrets about anyone (even yourself) within 30 minutes.

Results guaranteed or your money refunded. Contains 100 printable cards (PDF) and instructions (PDF).

Now hold on there Nelly: Critical Stimulus is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or replace medical advice.  


Creator of "the latest self-help hit in the U.S." and other serious games. For deals on upcoming products, subscribe to the newsletter.

You will get a ZIP (10MB) file
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