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The Cad & Dad

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“Bless his heart. Cary thinks the sun comes up just to hear him crow.”

Thatcher Atticus Fuller is an award-winning novelist who believes his chances at love have slipped away. When he arrives at his mountain retreat and discovers his twenty-four-year-old son with an older man, he’s livid. It’s hate at first sight when Thatch lays eyes on Cary, but he’s determined to be an understanding father to his only child. 

When events take a turn for the worst, he’s forced into being the obnoxious playboy's caretaker. At first it’s hell, but soon he senses something deeper underneath Cary’s shallowness. Shocked at his attraction, he fights it, but in its quest to find love again, the heart has a way of forgetting reason.

Millionaire Cary Lancaster refuses to settle down, preferring much younger men. He’s a charismatic man who can literally charm the pants off any guy he desires. When he begins dating Sam Fuller, a handsome twenty-four-year-old who has a thing for Daddies, Cary thinks he will be adding another notch to his bedpost. Instead, he sets off a chain of events that flips everyone’s world upside down.

The Cad & Dad is the first book in the Southern Discomfort series. Prepare yourself for lots of sweet tea and sour words, served alongside men discovering their deepest desires. The Cad & Dad has it all; enemies to lovers, opposites attract, and lonely souls rediscovering their hearts. So, relax on your porch swing with a mint julep and a slice of pecan pie, and enjoy the journey to true love.
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