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Guzzle - Lexie Renard Erotica

Guzzle: She needs his "magic elixir" to live - she can't get enough, and can't stop!

When Jon took his gorgeous girlfriend to a hypnotherapist so she could get in touch with her inner bimbo, he added a little programming of his own. Karli now thinks she needs to drink his "magic elixir" at least once or twice a day. But now something is wrong, and she is demanding more and more. He's running out of solutions and "solution", and will have to find a way to make it through the weekend until she can be deprogrammed.

When I stepped out to get lunch, there was Karli waiting for me outside. “Thank God you're here,” she whined desperately, “I need you. I need it now.”

Her desperation made me completely hot, and part of me jumped to attention, but this was not the time or place. “Karli, honey you can't have it now. I am working. You can have some tonight, okay sweetie? It's only a few hours away.” Then, just in case, I added her deprogramming command, "Time to step back to reality”. She didn't even blink. Damn.

“No, no, I have to have it now. I feel myself getting all weak and icky and wrong.”

I looked around, and there weren't many people near the store right then. “Come with me,” I said, leading her to my car parked behind the back of the building.

“We're going to have to be super fast, got it?” I said as we climbed into the backseat. She didn't even answer, just tore into my pants and wrapped those luscious full lips around my rod like she had been starving. She licked the full length, swirled her tongue around the head, rotating her hands around the base, then pulling my whole cock down her throat while gently cupping my balls. It was like she had been studying porn all morning. I could feel how much she craved it, needed it, which drove me insane with desire. She gently increased the pressure on my entire cock, the friction of her wet little mouth was heaven. “Holy shit baby,” I muttered, I'm going to…”

“Mmm hmmm,” she hummed loudly, the vibrations urging me faster.



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