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LLC Anthology: Alicia, Amy_Cast, Carmina, Caroline, Charly, Myra, Naomi, Torie, Vee (720X480)

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LARGER EDITION (Double Size) REPOST - Before 2009 we converted original 720X480 .MPG's and reduced them to 360X240 .WMVs of lower quality before posting to C4S because of storage limitations. I found these original larger size better quality files while archiving old DVD's.
These full clips were shorter then most so they were edited together in full and are offered at 1/3 discount.
Alicia in an teeny weeny teeny bikini and a full llc. Check out this athletic body complimented by an angled llc as she tries to sunbathe by the pool and then crutches into it -- cast be damned! Alicia appreciates the extra mobility and buoyancy the water provides her and revels in it before crutching out and struggling around the pool again. Too attracted by the water to leave it however she slips into the whirling Jacuzzi next to the pool for some more tits and cast -- in a bikini of course!. Finally she struggles out in her wet cast and crutches over to the chairs for more sunbathing.
Amy_cast gets help putting her angled (signed) llc in traction and a nice foam cushion to keep it comfortable. You see the traction and her ringed painted toes from all angles. Once she is out of traction and modeling her cast and the rest of her sexy bod. In the next scenes Amy is self-removing her llc with a scissor and fine cast saw. Interesting how she pulls the foot part off as she wiggles her toes in discomfort.
Carmina struggles out of her car in a blue llc in a formfitting outfit -- and what a form! She hangs out in a mall, gimping around in platform flip flop and her signed llc. Some nice closeups of her cute wiggly toes.
Caroline crutches through a field in her tie-dyed llc, her large breasts bouncing as they are barely held in by her low cut sundress. She then sits down on a concrete abutment, raising and lowering her angled llc to exercise her leg and wiggling and curling her long toes from the side and sole view in closeups.
Charly crutches in an angled llc and sneaker through the parking lot and on the disabled ramp to a mall. There she rests on a bench outside the building and props up her leg while checking out her exposed toes. In a pink cast she is extremely popular with the college guys who all want to sign her cast before she crutches off.
Myra struggles out of her lounge chair in her llc to get into a wheelchair and then wheels out around a public pool.
Naomi crutches around a stone fort monument until she gets tired and must sit down to rest her exposed pedicured toes. Some nice closeups. Then she continues her crutching out in the street.
Torie crutches with shorts, a keds sneaker and llc up a disability ramp. Then she crutches out of a car and over a cement abutment onto the pavement where she continues to public crutch.
Vee struggles as she publics on the street in a heel and llc in this sexy short video.

LENGTH: 30 Mins
SIZE: 1247 Mb
UPDATE: 10/20/21

You will get a MPG (1GB) file

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