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Making a House a Home | September October 2023

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This edition is also available in print for readers in Indonesia. Contact us directly at to order your copy / copies now.

Life in Jakarta is what we make of it, and of course to make life comfortable we need somewhere to really call home. In this edition of NOW! Jakarta we bring you stories and features aimed at helping residents make the best out of their houses and living spaces.

We start with the basics, finding the best ‘area’ to live in, because this has huge implications on our experience of the city. We take you on a hunt for great furniture in Kemang, and share some tips on interior design and even ‘feng shui’ for those looking to redesign and redecorate. Also, have you ever considered how ‘efficient’ your house is? Well, read about simple design techniques that make your house more sustainable and eco-friendly, shared by an environmental engineering consultancy based in Bali.

Outside of our special features, read about Jakarta's 'swing dance' community, a mental health activist sharing her story through art, the history of the 'Depok Dutch', upcoming events and of course the latest in Jakarta's eclectic dining scene!

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