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From Sudan to the Sahara Desert and the coast of Libya, migrants suffer at the hands of traffickers and people smugglers while trying to get to a better life in Europe. Rape, murder, beatings, extortion, slavery and prostitution await many who attempt the journey. But to the migrant even this is better risk than remaining in their own country. The immigrants  cross the Mediterranean Sea in unsafe boats to get to Sicily and travel through Italy and France to the migrant camp near Calais. A journey that costs many their lives. Yet every year a million people continue to try and make this journey. Kasim Latif and Pamela Harper witness the horrors suffered by migrants. They are on a covert mission to expose those who profit from the migrants misery. Out of greed, treachery, torture, slavery and kidnapping, comes justice, freedom, romance and marriage. Working with special Forces, Kasim and Pamela uncover companies owned by the rich and influential. Businesses that have been set up to use and abuse the vulnerable. This is a story demonstrating the strength of human spirit and of good to defeat evil. But reminding us that these acts of atrocity continue unabated to this day and should encourage governments to act to put an end to this suffering. More disturbing is, it is those who are responsible for the protection of the migrant who are the ones making fortunes out of their suffering. But maybe their day of reckoning is coming soon.

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