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The Adventures of Henry James. Book 2

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The end of Rachelle and Henry fires Annika

The Thrilling Henry James Is The Fascinating Man

London. Henry James has it all: tall, tanned, and very handsome. He is kind, considerate, and has a sense of humour. He is determined to be his own man. Born into a wealthy English family, the driven young investment banker quickly becomes a millionaire.

Rachelle is defiantly not the one. Annika and Henry go sailing in a force 9 gale. Annika becomes Henry's housekeeper and meets his family, but he has to fire her a few months later.

Henry gets help from a friend at the White House to arrange for Joe to fly to England. This is an enormous deal.

Randolph arranges for a geological survey to be carried out.

The Adventures of Henry James is the intriguing second book in The Henry James Chronicles, action, adventure and romance series. If you like inspiring characters, captivating suspense, and global settings, then you’ll adore James H Bragg’s charming tale.

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