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Blackmailed Bitches 2: Raping My 18-year-old Niece

My innocent brother's daughter, my niece, was a cam girl! I couldn't believe it!

And neither would he. He'd be so fucking livid, he'd kick her out of the house - or worse.

So, with proof of her dirty deeds in hand, I stormed her room and made her a deal she couldn't refuse.



I felt I had won the lottery. Finally finding a way to indulge in my most depraved fantasy, I was about to cash-in. If Mary’s father, my brother, found out that his daughter was a sex call worker, he’d kick her out.

Living in an affluent part of the city, Mary never went without. She didn’t have a job, but she did have a mouthwatering monthly allowance, all courtesy of daddy of course. I tried to tell my brother that he spoiled her too much, but he wouldn’t listen. Mary was the apple of his eye, and as far as he was concerned, she could do no wrong.

Parked up outside her house, I gripped the steering wheel tight and braced myself for what I was about to do. My brother was away on business for the week, leaving Mary all alone at home. It was the first time he did so, so he gave me strict instructions before he left to drop in each day and make sure that she wasn’t getting into any trouble. And I knew what he meant by trouble – boys!

Fuck, I wonder what he’d think if he knew half of the shit that I did about his precious little girl.

He was too kind to her in regards to money, but he’d hit the roof if he knew the truth. The dirt I had on her was the perfect gift to get what I wanted.

Mary was eighteen, but looked a few years older. It wasn’t her heart-shaped face that made her look more womanly than most of her friends, but her body; a curvy, busty body that had most of the men in town drooling with lust. She had long dark hair, a peachy ass, and tits that stretched even the thickest sweater.

She was a little slut - playing all coy and innocent to her father, but being a whore when she knew that he wasn’t watching.

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