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Roxy's dancing injury

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Roxy tells her story about the dangers of being the principle dancer in a professional dance company, everyone is competing for her position and someone took it a little too far. Now that she is side-lined in a long leg cast for the next several weeks, she talks about what she does to keep her spirits up as well as demonstrates some stretches and exercises she does to retain as much of her muscle tone as possible. Roxy shows how she uses her crutches to get around and takes you for a walk to sit outside by a sculpture to get some sun and stretch in the fresh air. This is a 31 minute video with great views of Roxy's cast, toes, and crutching. If you're interested in avoiding extra expenses associated with buying online, send me a message directly at casterpiece.theater1 at G Mail!
You will get a MP4 (3GB) file
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