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Not Another Bloody Get Rich Quick Book

By Alun Hill

If you could help yourself, you wouldn’t need this book.

You wouldn’t need my help.

So, already, we know that the term “self-help” is nonsense.

The very fact that you’ve even read this far tells you that you know that – and that you need my help.

All self-help books start with the author explaining how they were once like you, lost, broke, full of ideas, no-one understands them ... all that stuff.

I don’t do that.

Why should I come across as trying to convince you that I was like that and then sell you that you can merely follow me and you’ll become me?

I (hopefully) don’t think that you’re that stupid ... are you?

I’m not your leader.

I’m not your guru.

I’m not your mentor.

But I do get asked all the time to explain why I’m always smiling happy, travelling, wear nice clothes and run 32 very successful businesses.

So, let’s get this straight – right up front.

I’m a businessman.

And it appears that if I’m absolutely honest with you and tell you, in easy to follow steps, how to have a lifestyle similar to mine, you’ll buy this book.

And I’ll become even richer as a direct result.

Ever had a guru tell you that?


Thought not!

With them, it’s always “buy this video, attend this multi-day boot camp, buy my books, buy my secret, advanced-insider-platinum training”.

I’m certainly not going to go bouncing about on some stage while you whoop and holler and I build you into a frenzy.

The only people who do that are after your money.

And the people who attend always leave with less money that they went in with.

So they have even less money to pursue their dreams, whatever they may be.

(That’s why I priced the book so low, too, of course).

Did you believe that about me pricing the book so low?



No, I’m trying to get you to buy the book.

I’ll make money from that.

If you now put this book down and walk away, good.

Because that means I can’t help you.

If you want to make money, you have to accept that making money is good.

Not evil.

First lesson taught.

Onwards ….


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