The Dummies' Guide to Computer Protection and Repairs


Jealously Guarded Secret Reveals The Best Way To Protect Your System and Data And Becoming Computer Repair Expert in 7 days!

What you are about to discover in these two-books-in-one I am presenting to you will open your eyes to simple easy to understand tricks and truth about keeping your system in optimal working condition and if you ever experienced a failure how you can get out of it spending little to noting. Per adventure you are not able to solve the problem 100%, you will be very close to that, meanwhile you will know how to get help and where to go to for help at minimal cost.

The first book

‘PCSpeedUpSystemProduct’ consists of six how-to video in swf format namely ‘introduction to computer, computer-spyware, computer antivirusfire, computer browser cleaner, computer vista and conclusions plus others.’

The second book

‘PCProtection’ deal with troubleshooting and repair of your PC combining basic software and hardware problems and how you can tackle or solve them yourself. Others have benefited from these and if they can do it, so can you.

Everybody's Talking About It ... Now You Too Can keep your system and data safe, protected, clean, fast and working again fast! Others have benefited from these and if they can do it, so can you. No more, no less! These books are the best available resource currently online, and you can have it now!

  • If you don't get the results or not as good as you thought, or just don't like ‘The Dummies' Guide to Computer Protection and Repair’, no problems at all! You'll get every last cent refunded to you. No question asked. This is completely no risk purchase.



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$ 9.99

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