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Jesus a unique saviour

Jesus a unique saviour

Jesus a unique saviour of Love
The New Testament speaks of Christ as the one Saviour for all people. The First
Epistle of John says that Jesus is "the propitiation for our sins and not for ours only
but also for the sins of the world" (1 John 2:2). Adherents of unlimited atonement
interpret this to mean that Jesus' redemptive role is for all people without exception,
while adherents of limited atonement interpret it as being for all people without
distinction—for Gentiles as well as Jews. The first Christians also recognized Jesus'
redemptive role to be unique (without parallel), complete (as One who conveys the
fullness of salvation), and definitive (beyond any possibility of being equalled, let
alone surpassed, in his salvific function). In particular, his universal role means that
through him the deadly forces of evil are overcome, sin is forgiven, their
contamination purified, and the new existence as God's beloved, adopted children
has been made available. This New Testament sense of Christ's indispensable and
necessary role for human salvation could be summarized by a new axiom: extra
Christum nulla salus ("outside Christ no salvation"). This sense of his all-determining
role in the whole redemptive drama is suggested by a fact: unlike the Old Testament,
where various human beings could be called "saviour" (e.g., Judges 3: 9, 15, and
31), the New Testament gives the title "Saviour" only to God (eight times) and to
Christ (sixteen times). (O’collins, 2009)
Christians believe that Jesus is the unique Son of God in human flesh through the
trinity of God the Father (Godhead), God the Son (Jesus – Saviour) and God the
Spirit (HolySpirit). Other worldviews such as Muslims may think that Jesus was a
prophet, along with other prophets. Hinduism depicts Christ as one among many
great gurus. Many others hold Christ as a good human being and a great moral

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