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Joshua Appleby and the flaming sword ebook

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Joshua looked into the deep amber eyes of the white wolf and knew his life would change forever. Earth Magic is real. And its power can be frightening. Joshua Appleby has always felt ordinary, but everything is about to change. As his thirteenth birthday approaches, he is tormented by nightmares and starts seeing animals that no one else seems to notice. He soon discovers the reason for this is that he has Earth Magic. Joshua enters a secret world that he does not understand. He is watched over by the Elders and guided in the ways of Earth Magic by a white wolf, and a blue hare, in the hope that he will stay on the right path. The Elders warn Joshua he must understand magic before confronting evil. But when a Dark Magic practitioner steals a priceless chalice and a sacred magical sword. Joshua enlists the help of his twin sister and two friends to track down the stolen items. … Little do they realize; the worst kind of evil awaits them.
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Joshua Appleby and the ruby dragon ebook


Joshua Appleby Flaming Sword & The RUby Dragon e-Books 1&2