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The Code of War

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The Code of War is a Machiavellian-style satire, written in a style of a self-help book set in the world of IT. It's based on the author's years of working in various tech companies, meeting a plethora of interesting but questionable characters along the way.

This book will take you on a journey to become the code warrior, someone that people fear and respect. It’s not a simple path to walk, but the rewards that await you are plentiful and well worth it.

I came up with the idea to present the stories in a somewhat unusual way, in the style of the malicious self-help book. The book gives you advice on how to succeed in IT, from the interview phase to the management, by acting like an immoral, unscrupulous person.

The advice is based on experiences with some shady, weird people I met throughout my career. After every chapter, there's a short story about the person who was the chapter's inspiration. I've worked with those people, so everything is a first-hand experience!

One cool fact! I used entirely free and open-source software for the creation of this title. That's why I'll donate 10% of all the proceeds to my favorite free software projects!

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