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Dating for Men : MONEY VS. SEX

There are some men that don’t have any problem exchanging money for sex. They’re usually either very rich or very lame. Most men have issues with women that immediately start asking them for money because a man giving a woman money is a one sided exchange that he doesn’t feel she’s entitled to and the idea that a man owes a woman money to gain access to her pussy is the fundamental concept of prostitution. Most men view sex as a mutual exchange of pleasure between two consenting adults. And they have the looks, personalities, and resources to get pussy for free. When a man approaches a woman he has already decided that he would have sex with her if given the opportunity. How soon it happens really doesn’t matter to him as long as it is within reason. He will likely take the pussy as soon as it’s offered. So they don’t see anything wrong with figuring out if a woman is down to have sex with him or not, regardless of how long they’ve known each other. There is always a chance that she says yes. One night stands wouldn’t happen if men weren’t ever confident and aggressive enough to shoot their shot. If a woman accepts it that means she wanted to experience the pleasure too. So that’s why men don’t see anything wrong with asking for sex. There is no real logical reason for a normal dude to give a woman he just met and isn’t even having sex with money. That’s lame behavior and it’s frowned upon by most men that aren’t rich. Tag someone that would like my page or the things I talk about! ↗️ Turn on your post notifications!! Tag someone that would like my page or the things I talk about! #terryderon#relationshipproblems #relationshipadvice#lovelife #dating #relationships #message#nolie #wordstoliveby #truestory #trust#respect #realtalk #imjustsaying #facts#truelove #accurate #reallytho#truthbetold #loyalty #straightup#factsonly #worstfeeling #lonely#trustissues #breakups
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