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Having fun with Contractions! 52

Hello All! :)
This packet is ALL about contractions!
-There are cut and paste worksheets in which the student cuts the contraction words and glue them to their correct pair and pages similar to this.
-Contraction word sort in which all the contracted words need to be classified in 3 different columns.
-Contraction Clues and contraction words handouts for the students to study at home or use in class when they are confused.
-Contraction Flashcards where the student matches the contraction words two the two original words.
-Write a contraction sentence and draw an awesome picture!
-Contraction Concentration -Print on cardstock and cut out desired contractions matches. (with young children, you wouldn’t want to use all of the cards at once). Lay the cards face down. Children take turns picking two cards. If they are a match, they get to keep the cards and draw again.
-Kiddos read sentences in which they have to pick the correct contraction word, it helps them know where exactly does the apostrophe goes.
-Contraction Bingo!
-Matching contractions- The children will match each contraction with its meaning by drawing a line.
-Adding to make contractions- Students add the words inside the eggs to make a contraction.
-With this worksheet the student picks any book to read and writes down any contractions that he notices while reading said book. They write both, the contraction and the original two words that make up said contraction.
-Student writes the contraction next to each set of words given.
-Kiddos rewrite each sentence using contractions.
-Contraction Kites- Craftivity where each student make his own kite with a contraction word at the top rhombus, then they break it down with the ribbons, and write a sentence using their contraction words then they attach a string and you could hang all of their kites in your classroom. Makes great decoration!
-I have, who has game of contractions.
& much more!

You are ALL awesome and thank you so much for stopping by!

Total 52 pages.

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