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Dragonfly Crystal and Agate Healing Necklace

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Blended together, the materials in this dragonfly-themed crystal and agate healing necklace are an extremely powerful blend for anyone needing spiritual or physical guidance or protection.

(Full meanings and usage below)

Artisan: Lyn Lomasi

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Dragonfly Healing Necklace Symbolization and Gemstone Meanings

Materials Used

For this piece, I used Czech Glass AB Faceted Fire Crystal Beads, rainbow colored metallic Czech glass seed beads, polished agate gemstone beads, nickel-free silver-toned metal coil jump rings, silver-toned metal chain links, silver-toned metal lobster clasp, silver-toned metal painted dragonfly charm, silver-toned metal jewelry wire, Quick Hold contact adhesive for crafts, and a blue and purple metallic toned quartz crystal. The crystal, as well as the white agate stones were charged under the most recent full moon. I pieced the materials together using jewelry pliers, my hands, and a small amount of the craft adhesive to bond the crystal.

Blue & Purple Quartz Crystal Meanings

These two colors blended together in a crystal are powerful, as they blend psychic and spiritual ability with many necessary tools for protection, guidance, strength, and truth. These colors symbolize experience, growth and maturity, magic, destiny, clear sight, good decision making, honor, humanity, respect, kindness, insight into the present and future, the ability to recognize deception and see the truth, good luck, fighting nightmares, a long life, avoiding foolish mistakes, protection from harm, spiritual guidance and mastery, spiritual abundance, gentleness, cure for disrespect, thoughtfulness, and tenderness. 

White Agate Meanings

l've written about the meanings of white agate before. It's one of my favorite gemstones, due to its powerful properties and versatile usage. You can read more about the meanings of this stone in "White Agate Gemstone Meanings And Why To Wear White Agate". 

Symbolization Of Other Materials

The dragonfly symbolizes change or transformation, connection with nature, self-realization, happiness, stealth and speed, purity, lightness of being, adaptability, and the ability to recognize illusions and deceits. This symbol can help direct and guide you on a path of self-awareness with a positive outlook and the tools necessary for a successful journey, be it mental, physical, or spiritual. The color silver represents introspection, reflection, coolness, purpose, and an understanding of the future. 

(*Healing, crystal, and gemstone meanings are for informational purposes only. Please do your own research. Individual results, beliefs, intents, and usage may vary. We are not responsible for your use, misuse, interpretations, or misinterpretations of any healing info or products. Be safe and be wise.)

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