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Fit To Be Pregnant

Getting pregnant and childbirth are two of life’s greatest miracles.
Most women, when asked the question, “What was the most
memorable event in your life?” often cite pregnancy and
It’s like a gift from above. There is just no denying the powerful
emotions that pregnancy and childbirth can create in parents.
However, while pregnancy is glorious and a rewarding
experience, the hard truth is that there is a nutrition and fitness
aspect that cannot be neglected.
There is also a flip side to this shiny coin. Many women often end
up feeling that pregnancy has ruined their shapely figure and the
stretch marks have disfigured them.
They automatically assume that once they’ve given birth, their
bodies will never go back to the shape they originally used to be.
Weight gain, stretch marks, a loss of sex appeal, etc. are
negative consequences that women consider a trade-off to having
a bouncy little baby.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
Yes… pregnancy will result in weight gain. This is only natural and
in fact, it’s healthy. However, the weight gain can be maintained
without letting it get out of control.
All weight that is gained during pregnancy can be lost after
pregnancy. After all, it’s just fat and the principles of fat loss are
set in stone regardless if it’s a pregnant woman or an obese man.
It will take you time to shed the fat… but there is no hurry. Slow
and steady wins the race. With patience and persistence, you can
definitely lose the excess fat after childbirth.
If you persist, you can even get fitter and be in better shape after
childbirth than you were previously. Your body is a marvelous
organism and it will adapt to whatever demands you place upon
What truly matters is that you believe that it can be achieved.
You must release any false beliefs that pregnancy and childbirth
will result in you becoming an overweight, dumpy or unattractive woman.

The natural state of things will mean that you gain weight during
pregnancy and you’ll lose it all after childbirth.
Even the world’s most female celebrities have had the following
things to say about pregnancy and weight gain.
“You have to eat to feed your baby. And I have a girl, so I want
her to see some day why her mom has good self-esteem and
good body issues. It gets you down sometimes, I'm not going to
lie. I've had days where I'm like, 'Ugh, I wish this was easier.' But
it's not, and that's OK." – Jennifer Love Hewitt
"I’m taking it week-by-week so I don't get frustrated with myself.
If I had a long-term goal and that's all I thought about, I think it
would set me back more." – Jessica Simpson
"I think if you ask any pregnant mom, they're like 'I want my
body back. But it takes time. It takes nine months for your body
to get that way, and it's putting on that weight on purpose. The
second I start to get down like, 'What happened to my body?' I
look at my beautiful baby—and I've never been more appreciative
for this body that I have." – Hillary Duff
The point to take away from all this is that it is normal to gain
weight and it takes time to lose it. Will you feel down and
depressed now and again?
Yes, you will. But you will persist and ultimately, you will get the
body you desire.
There is much more to just losing weight after childbirth. You’ll
also need to know how to eat right during your pregnancy, how

to do certain exercises to stay fit and strong, what types of
supplements to use, etc.
This book will give you helpful tips and techniques that you can
use to get healthy and stay n shape during and after your
Do note that this is all just advice. It will only work if you adhere
and apply the information within this book to your life.
You ready?
Happy Reading!

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