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An Honest Repartee with Books

The aim of this ebook (soon to be a book) is to create a deeper and meaningful relationship with every single page you read out of a book. However, how many of us read, make notes and quotes and reflections, but do not engage with the material at hand?
A book is a two-way conversation between you and itself. Of course, looks matter and its presentation, but how many of us have notes scattered around with thoughts and doodles of an undiscovered genius? Every book you read is a subjective reflection of life. And your understanding of it is unique. Why read and try to replicate? Read, reflect, be critical and learn something new in the process. Learn about life and yourself; about your core belief system and how every page (no matter its gender) shapes your being further. Every book you read should reflect a better version of yourself and your understanding of the realities around you. 
The structure of this book which will enclose all your thoughts as a yet to be discovered genius is straight forward: Name of the Book; Author (A bit of Background); Key Takeaways; Worthy Quote; Reflections and the Repartee Section. Here you should aim at putting your thoughts into configuration and be critical of the book you have just finished. Make your witty reply. 
Furthermore, every 10 books read you should aim at putting all the information together and create sparring of words with your older self. An Honest Repartee on how you are better than you were yesterday. On how you are closer to being discovered as a genius. Because trust me, society needs more people eager to better themselves by questioning their belief system. You are what will make tomorrow a better place. 

Last but not least, unless it is too personal, share. Share your newly discovered knowledge with people around you, myself included. Like this, the world will be less scary and more educated.

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