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The Freedom Bunker

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“War is not hell,” Hawkins Bay Freedom Bunker Chief Major Milton Stursberg once famously said. “Hell is hell. War is just war.”
War is just war. And death is just death.
Major Stursberg is equally infamous for his ‘service above and beyond’ when, in World War III, he demonstrated the feasibility of ‘limited nuclear attacks’ by wiping out a country the size of Switzerland.
Because it was Switzerland.
“Not since J. Robert Oppenheimer,” the newspaper headlines cried out with glee.”
And so of course he was hand-picked to run the Hawkins Bay Freedom Bunker, the local version of the 1000 or so Freedom Bunkers designed to preserve the gold, stock options and DNA of the 1%.
One day, God willing, Major Stursberg will lead the inhabitants of the Hawkins Bay Freedom Bunker into the glorified air of New World 2.0 and life on Earth will begin anew.
And do they have God on their side? Or will He turn the other cheek and offer Eternal Redemption to Those Left Behind who have spent decades suffering and preparing for this final battle against The Ones?
One thing is for certain: Those Left Behind will not go quietly into the night.
Got a revolution.
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