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The Pussycat Lovers: The Sweetest Lesbian Stories

Erotic Story
Page count: 16
Word Count: 4874
Fiction Ebook

Erotic story by Jsovirall. The pussycat lovers--the sweetest part of the story. Lesbian beauties with their delicious sugar-flavored pussies will make sure that they please their lovers no matter what while some will fight when their lovers betray them. In the end, the sex becomes hotter and their pussies become even wetter while they wrestle sexually in bed. The first sexual encounter is only normal. Females are so soft, gummy, and tender. They are like gummy bears. You have to rub them good before they start to get warm and gummy in the palm of your hands and then you taste the flavor in your mouth. That sweet soft spongy flavor as you chew on it making it wetter and softer. It feels so good in your mouth. You just have to taste a second one. 
The Scenario
"Where are you coming from Mell?"
"Babe, I am just coming from work?"
"It's almost ten in the night. Explain to me why you smell like another woman's perfume?"
"Babe, I was late and she offered to give me a lift. I sware that was all that happened. Babe, you know I will never betray you like that."
"You better not. I am so f*cking horny. Take off your clothes."
"Stop tearing my clothes off Sandra. Do you want me that bad?"
"Your wet already," Mell looked at her wet panty, "Wow, now you are making me wet. I am going to f*ck you so hard tonight. You are making my p*ssy clap."
"I want it," Sandra kissed Mell, "Give me that f*cking pussy. Give it to me." Sandra said aggressively. Mell and Sandra started ripping their clothes off in a fighting manner. Mell pinned Sandra down on the ground and licked her ears and neck while she shoved her fingers into her second mouth.
"O-ee yes, please babe, f*ck my p*ssy. Please, I can't take it anymore. F*ck me you motherf*cker." Sandra said to Mell while tears dribbled down her face. She wanted Mell to manhandled her body. 
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