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Anal Brats Books 5 – 8 : 4-Pack (First Time Anal Erotica Audiobook Collection)

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Features audiobooks 5 – 8 of the series, where naughty damsels demand to be taken in the most sinful spot of all for the first time.  Listen as these brats get everything that’s coming to them from dominant, alpha males that wow them with a wealth of experience.

Contains : ‘Two In My Butt,’ ‘My Boss In My Ass While His Wife Drives,’ ‘He Dropped Anchor In My Ass,’ and ‘My Soccer Coach Gives Me Anal.’


*Total Running Time =  2 Hours 14 Minutes*
You will get the following files:
  • MP3 (51MB)
  • MP3 (44MB)
  • MP3 (45MB)
  • MP3 (46MB)

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