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Knocking Up My Sleepwalking Sister

She was asleep, yet she wasn’t. Angelina was sleepwalking again! But when she climbed in my bed naked and insisted it was hers, I tested exactly how deep asleep she was. Would kissing her wake her? Running my hands over her long, slender, smooth legs? Fondling her breasts that were pressed up against me?

Would nothing arouse her from her slumber?

Not even that?


I heard a suspicious sound and looked at the clock on the nightstand. Three-thirty in the morning. What the fuck?

Then I heard it again. Giggling. What the hell? I crept silently to the door and peered out. At first I saw nothing, then I spied my sister skipping down the hallway, whistling and giggling. What. The. Fuck.

"Angelina, it's three in the morning." I growled at my 18-year-old sister. She wasn't wearing much, just a see-through nightie and a pair of pink panties. No bra, nothing. If I stared long enough, I could even see her small boobies.

She ignored me (what else was new) and continued her skipping.

I shook my head and dropped back into bed.


A moment later, I felt a gentle, yet insistent nudging.

"Don't hog the bed, Luke!" Angelina hissed.

"Sis?" I wiped the sleep from my eyes and moved over. "Why are you climbing into my bed? What's wrong with yours?"

She giggled again, but something was off in her voice. "This is mine, bro! Why are you in MY bed?"

I stared at my sister for several minutes, then realized that she'd completely taken off all her clothes.

"Move over!" She insisted, then covered herself up with the blanket.

What the hell was going on?

"Are you sleepwalking again?" I asked, but she didn't answer.

I tried to go back to sleep, but with my hot, naked sister laying next to me, that was an impossible task. What would mom and dad say if they caught us in bed together? Would the sleepwalking excuse hold muster?

I closed my eyes as thoughts of my naked sister danced seductively in my head.

"Mmm...You're better than my teddy bear." She turned toward me and snuggled up against me.

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