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Sexy Maid Daughters 3: Three Little Maids, See How They Fuck

Fucking all three of my sexy maid daughters at once was something that I never would’ve believed could happen to me! Taking all three silky girls in my arms and knocking them up with my potent daddy seed was almost more than I could handle!


Having just finished cumming inside my 23-year-old daughter, Rose and before that, my 18-year-old daughter Anne, Jessica, my raven-haired goddess of a daughter insisted that it was now her turn.

Only one problem: my cock was completely spent. I honestly didn't think I could get it up again.

"Ah c'mon daddy!" She pouted. "Maybe the three of us can finish cleaning up the house and by then you'll be ready to go again."

My cock was still hard and throbbing inside Rose's just-popped pussy as the last of my incestuous, fatherly seed spurted out. My balls felt completely drained and so did I.

Anne hopped back into the room with a devious smile on his face. "Why don't we clean for him while naked."

My cock throbbed at that thought.

"Let's all clean him first. His cock must be so tired..." Jessica suggested, knelt to the floor and gently pulled my cock out of Rose's tight cunt. "Ooh look! It's still spurting!" She giggled then covered my cock-head with her scrumptious mouth, sucking the last bits of my cum from somewhere deep within my balls.

I cried out as my two other girls ran their fingers through my chest and back and kissed every part of my body. Their searing kisses nearly gave me a heart attack. I was being sexually attacked by three stunning ladies.

Jessica polished my rod, sucking off her sister's virgin cunt juice and fondling my balls while Anne pressed her tiny breasts to me and kissed me sweetly on the lips. Just being this close to my three daughters was enough to bring my cock right back to life.

"Oh look!" Jessica pulled my hardening cock out of her mouth and pointed at it. "It's getting harder!"

"Ooh, goodie!" Anne left my lips and squatted next to her sister as they both played with my flagging cock.

"Just think, daddy..." Rose whispered in my ear. "You can have any of us girls at any time you want. Just say the word." She kissed my ear seductively and blew hot breath down my canal. "Horny in the middle of the night? Slip into bed with us and we'll take care of your needs."

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