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Video Marketing Mastery Training Guide

Video  Marketing  Mastery

When you do a video and people see your face and hear your voice, they start to think they really know you. This builds that all-important "know, like, and trust" factor for your audience,  

Video is therefore  fast becoming the favorite method for audiences to get information. In fact, some studies suggest that 80% of internet traffic will come from video by 2022. Part of the reason is that people are more likely to share video, comment on video, and engage with you when you make videos and all these possibilities will be communized once 5G is totally installed on global scale

Google Search is still the number one search engine and they rank video higher than text. Learn as much as you can about rich video snippets to enhance your SEO. Boost search engine rankings and enhance customer loyalty. Generate high-quality leads with less effort. Intensify your online presence like never before. Convey your marketing message faster to widely scattered customers. Convert prospects into high-paying customers.

A rich video snippet allows a Google search to display a video next to the search results that appear on Google.

With video, supported with trending video stories on social networking  platforms  will boost higher click-through rates as  they’re highly shareable and  improve your social signals exponentially.

Improves Your Mobile Presence

Sixty  percent of all mobile data happens to be attributed to video. Because of that fact alone, using video is going to make your brand more present online since more people use mobile today than using desktop computers. It’s harder to read text on a mobile device so it makes total sense that video gets more attention on mobile.

Spreads Difficult Information Faster

If you have a difficult concept to explain to your audience, using video is going to make it so much simpler. From showing someone how to sew , to how to use a physical product, to demonstrating an fitness workout  video... video can do it all. You can also explain simple concepts, so video works no matter what type of information you want to impart to your audience.

High return of investment

Due to everything you’ve read so far, your return on investment is going to explode when you start using video regularly. So many people are using smartphones nowadays , and so many people need to get to know you first before taking your advice. Using video to accomplish that will make your audience feel a lot better about you and will, therefore, increase your ROI exponentially...

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