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Goal Setting Workbook

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A goal-setting workbook to get your life in order without burning out!

Because who doesn't want to be more productive and less fuzzy-headed?

Here's a little unknown stat - that your biggest enemy is your wandering mind.
Distraction, to be specific. It's true!

So much time is wasted on unimportant tasks; it's no wonder we feel we're not reaching our dreams. 

I used to sit for hours numbing myself by social media until I shook myself and said, "Enough is enough. This is not how I want to waste my life!"

And so I got to work.

This workbook was one of the first ever creations I made to help women get productive so they can reach their goals and live better lives. 

It contains:

  • Space to write your goals - gives you a clear head and improved direction and focus.
  • Inspiration - words of encouragement when the going gets tough (we all need it).
  • Motivation - example goals you can model if you like - making life simpler. 
  • A timeline - giving you perspective on the upcoming year, so you can plan - avoiding overwhelm and burnout.
  • Weekly action chart for you to tick - stay on track and avoid distraction (giving a positive boost when you tick it!)
And did I mention it's FREE?

Enjoy this workbook, print it out, use it, tick it, and see how it can help improve your life. Guaranteed! 

You will get a PDF (291KB) file
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